Monday, May 09, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)

Just a simple entry... My morning habit lately is visiting Prof. Dr. Muhaya fb wall... Found some quotes that really related directly to me. It gives a positive motivation to me...

Start moving forward by choosing to let go of unwanted and negative situations or events that you remember.
Start moving in a new direction by focusing on what you want. Begin taking steps to create the life that you want. ~ Prof Dr. Muhaya

Shift your energy and get your subconscious mind to help you 
attract positive situations." Karim Hajee

Jangan kisahkan apa yang orang kata, kisah apa yg Allah kata ~ Prof. Dr. Muhaya

Scientists have found that if you hold on to negative feelings and sad emotions or depressing memories there's a chance that you could reshape the human cell to the point where your thoughts of the past have a negative impact on your cells and your physical health. ~ Karim Hajee

Hanging on to bad memories can kill you. Because they actually destroy your nervous system and alter your cells.

I'll write about Prof Dr. Muhaya later... :)

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