Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Usah mengeluh bila sakit dan putus rezeki...

Sambil go through Facebook saya terbaca post yang dishare oleh member... Sangat bagus sebagai reminder kepada kita semua. Sharing is Caring :)

Four things that make your body sick;

1) Excessive talking.
2) Excessive sleeping.
3) Excessive eating.
4) Excessive meeting other people.

Four things that increases the wetness of face and happiness;

1) Piety.
2) Loyalty.
3) Generosity.
4) Being helpful to others without being asked.

Four things that stop Rizq (sustenance);

1) Sleeping in the morning (between Fajr and sunrise.)
2) Being irregular in prayers (Tariqu salah)
3) Laziness/idleness.
4) Treachery/dishonesty.

Four things that increase Rizq (sustenance);

1) Staying awake in the night for prayers.
2) Excessive repentance.
3) Regular charity.
4) Zikr (Remembrance of ALLAH)

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